Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Story Into a Reality.

Being a child you tend to grasp on to things that seem magical, somewhat like Disney type magic. I've always been a little different in the way I grasp my concepts. I think the factor behind that is that I grew up with an older brother. I'm not a tomboy but I definitely have some qualities of a tomboy. Especially the thrill danger brings. For me getting a tattoo is something that is in a small way viwed as rebellious or "dangerous." I've always wanted a tattoo. Ever since I can remember I've wanted one. I remember being tweleve and wanting a little blue star tattoo behind my left ear. But then over the last few years I've definitley changed my mind. I don't want that star because many people have it now. And I want to be at least somewhat original. I always said that if I were to ever really follow through with my tattoo then it would have to have some meaning behind it. It couldn't just be something withoutout a meaning. I'm not going to be wasting my money on something that later will have no realvence to the person I will eventually become. I am more than 99% positive that my first tattoo will be a dove, more specially the Dove from the childhood bible story Noah's Ark. My tattoo is extremely representaive of my faith and my journey through life. To me that Dove represented hope. Just like the dove gave hope to Noah before the rainbow, that's what my tattoo will do for me whenever I see it, or at least that's what I believe it will do for me.

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