Thursday, July 9, 2009

Just one of those days.

Have you ever had "just one of those days"? Like the day where everything just seems to be going wrong. And when you finally when you think it's all over it just hits you again? There has to be like an alarm that goes off and says "Oh Andrea is too happy right now, we have to change that." It makes me so angry sometimes that I can't possibly seem to change my circumstances. I always know to look on the brighter side, but sometimes it's just so difficult. For example: I got a really sweet job offer, and I was all excited because, well I NEED the money. And even though I have a job already another side one wouldn't hurt, least not in my opinion. Well anyways for some reason my mother didn't want me to do it, and it's just so stupid. It's actually extremly stupid. Like really I actually want to work (unlike most kids these days) , I'm actually trying to help my family out. Especially since ovver spring break of next year I'll be going to New Orleans to help people there build houses, it's apart of a class. So basically we fly there, we help, we create change. But you need to pay $900. Last year I went to Mexico for the same cause, and I wanted to go so badly I told my parents not to get me anything for my birthday but just to pay for this trip. So me trying to help them out should relieve some stress, but no, it just creates more.


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